6 Herbs Every Gardener Should Grow

My teen and I love growing culinary herbs. Not only do these fragrant plants add flavor to our favorite meals, they are fun and super easy to care for. Herbs are also quite resilient and can often be grown in areas where it's too hot or too sandy for other plants and veggies to grow.

This summer, we've expanded our herb bed and now have 23 different types of culinary herbs including some new "ethnic" herbs for seasoning our Asian and Tex-Mex dishes. While experimenting with new and different herbs is fun, we also make sure to leave plenty of space in the bed for basic herbs that every kitchen should have. Here they are:

Parsley is unique in that it blends well with all kinds of herbs. We use it primarily for seasoning soups, casseroles, egg dishes and vegetables. Six plants will yield enough fresh and dried …

Health Care Reform?…Revolution.

Truly?…Truly?…Is there 'really' a debate about health care reform? Health care reform is a joke! It's a fucking watered-down hypocrisy influenced by the big money of insurance and pharmaceutical companies' lobbys. End of statement…end of debate. Don't believe me? Look up the contributions and tell me I'm wrong. The fires of discension stoked by the ignorant 'tea parties' conflagration has only fed into the big hands of these conglomerate money grubbers. The tea party ignorance has only given these jackals of corporate greed the impetus to devour your paycheck. Get it? Devour your paycheck!!! Stay with me if you have any self-worth.

The only ones that will make a profit from health care reform in its current state are these multi-conglomerates. WAKE THE FUCK UP AMERICA!!! Stop bending over!!! Stop exposing an obvious hole in your backside for these money-leachers…these war profiteers (yes, they are tied to the Iraq and …

Foods From Around the World #2 : The Worlds Most Interesting Cultural Food #2

Foods From Around the World: The Worlds Most Interesting Cultural Food #2

In the following article you will learn about foods from around the world that are unique to people’s culture. You will be amazed and interested at what you see and your point of view on foods will be opened up forever.   

1)      Jellied Eels

      A jellied eel is a meal often served in London and in parts of

Italy. The image above is a picture of prepared jellied eels. It is prepared by cooking eels for around a half an hour and letting them cool. This allows all of the juices to turn into a jellied like substance. The jelly is described as an uncooked egg yoke. This dish is often served with pie and mash. Jellied eels have also been part of London’s culture and is a very filling meal.   …

Do Herbs Really Help in the Fight Against Alzheimer's?

If you have had someone in your family diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease then you probably would want to try anything possible to help them or stop the advancement of the disease. Over the past several years doctors and scientists have been working hard to try and find some type of cure for this horrible disease. They have been able to come up with various treatments that they feel can help slow the process.

According to studies that have been done some herbs, or herbal supplements have proved to help slow down the affects of this horrible disease. Of course no one feels that it is a cure, but their are many who feel that it is a step in the right direction. You have probably heard of some supplements such as Ginkgo Bilboa, Omega 3, and a few others. There are still a lot of doctors who just don’t feel …

Get in touch with the world class best dentist for a great smile

It is a global truth that not every individual is perfect in all aspects, everyone has a little bit of defect in their body. Some people are born with some defects like some may not have a proper vision; some are dwarf, some with the unpleasant teeth and some with non-curable diseases also. And it is quite natural that these kinds of people obviously expect some amount of kindness from the surrounding people. It is our duty to spread the love with them too. It is must to build their self-confidence level by keep on sharing only the positive approaches to them. By doing this way, one can definitely attain the heights in their life rather than feel sad about their life. Apart from all these things, the first and foremost thing which everyone tries or trust is the medicine and the DOCTORS. There are a lot of physicians who …

Spring Herbs: Chervil, Mustard and Parsley

Just as there are spring vegetables there are spring herbs. These are the herbs that are peaking through the ground at the first sign of spring or herbs that can be planted as soon as the ground can be worked. These are the herbs the early colonist used in the spring as a tonic to "get the blood flowing", after a long hard winter without anything green.

Chervil, mustard greens, and parsley have been used for centuries by people in the spring to rejuvenate, cleanse and purify, build up the blood, and detox the body. Today we have a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables year around, but still these herbs are worth taking a look at and growing in the garden.

Chervil, known mainly for its use in French cooking, is a cross between anise and parsley in flavor. Chervil, tarragon, parsley and thyme make up the herb blend, …