Marketing dental fillings to your patients

If you got 100 people from off the street and asked them individually ‘what is a tooth restoration?’, how many of them do you think would know the answer? Ninety? Maybe seventy five? We would estimate that it is probably much closer to ten than you would think, and that’s because there is very little understanding outside of the dental office about half of what goes on there! We simply aren’t telling our patients what we are doing enough, and when we do, it always seems to be in an overly complicated way that surely isn’t necessary. That is why so few patients take up the opportunity to improve their dental health, like asking for a tooth restoration – because they have absolutely no idea what it actually is!

That is why if you are going to market about San Diego tooth restorations, you need to start putting in some serious thought about how you are going to explain it to that demographic, as well as sell it to them. You can’t do one without the other, and so before you start thinking about profit lines and how much to ask your suppliers for, you need to go right back to basics. How do you explain something complicated about dentistry to someone who has never been to dental college – who may not have even been to college in the first place? That may seem like an impossible task, but all you have to do is take it right back to the start.

Why would a patient need a dental filling? Because of decay, or cracking, or other tooth problems. It is completely impossible to sell or market anything to anyone unless you create a need – by generating demand, you can then offer to supply to that demand. If none of your patients realize that there is a problem with their teeth, then why on earth would they ask for a dental procedure? By explaining to your patients that teeth need to be complete and whole, and as soon as there is a crack or split in them then bacteria can get in and really damage the root of the tooth, you are starting to show them exactly what the problem is.

Now that they realize that they have a problem, you need to quickly cut in the with the solution, or they could start to panic. Explain that in San Diego tooth restorations are a very common occurrence, and they are simply dental fillings. By filling up the cracks with safe dental materials, you can prevent any bacteria or nastiness from getting into their teeth, keeping them clean and healthy with the minimal amount of effort on their part. After all, everyone is a little lazy, and patients love to hear that once you as their dentist is done, there is nothing more that they have to do themselves. They will also love to hear just how cost effective having a dental filling is, because without it they would need to have plenty of other expensive dental work.

And that is how you can go about marketing dental fillings to your patients. It really is that simple! By pointing out a problem, generating need, and then providing the solution yourself, you are giving patients the opportunity to get the best possible dental care – and you are the one providing that and increasing your bottom line. It is a win win for you both, and by offering one type of dental care that they can trust, you make it much more likely that they will come to you for the next one.