How to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half and Save Money on the Cost of Food

The cost of food is rising everyday. Saving money on groceries has become more than a luxury, it's become a must. The following tips can help families save money on the grocery bill.

Use coupons.  The Sunday paper usually has a lot of coupon inserts for popular name brand items.  You can also look online and find printable coupons.  Some of the printable ones can be printed twice, so take advantage of that.  Using coupons when an item is on sale sweetens the deal and the money you save. Sometimes you get the item for free in this manner.

Cut your caffeine in half. Whether you drink coffee or soda, cutting your caffeine consumption in half can greatly reduce the money you spend at the grocery store.  Also look for sales on your favorite beverages with caffeine and stock up while the item is on sale. 

Use less meat in some meals. The price of meat is getting higher and using less for some meals will help save money on the cost of food for the family.  For those who are not meat lovers, eating some meals without meat will help with the food budget also.

Cut out the name brands on some or most items.  It's a fact that the majority of off brand, store brands, or generic brand items are put up by the big name brand companies using a different label or packaging.  Often when you buy a name brand item, you are simply buying the packing and name. Generic or store brand items are often the exact same product in a different box or can or wrapper but priced much less usually.

Buy less precooked foods.  If you aren't the greatest chef that ever lived, you can still throw together some simply meals occasionally to help cut your food bill.  Instead of buying everything that's ready to eat, get in the habit of cooking a few meals, even if it's something basic and simple.  Foods that are ready to eat are convenient but are higher priced so cooking some will help lighten the load on your budget.

Leave the bottled water at the store except for stocking for emergencies. Bottled water is great to store up for power outages or if your local city water isn't the greatest, but buying bottled water just to be buying it is a waste of money. Invest in a plastic drinking water bottle and refill it from the tap rather than buying bottles of water.

Makes sweet treats at home.  Instead of buying pies, cakes, and cookies from the store already made, make them at home.  Not only are they yummier being homemade, they cost much less per pie or cake or cookie.
Make party and holiday decorations instead of buying them.  Parties and holidays are often occasions for local stores to make a killing on all sorts of holiday decorations such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc.  Use your imagination and create your own costumes and holiday decorations such as Christmas tree ornaments.  These make wonderful heirlooms to save and pass down.

Create your own cookbook. Instead of buying expensive cookbooks containing recipes that you might end up not even liking, create your own recipe cookbooks.  Simply print recipes that you find from family, friends, or online onto decorative paper, use a hole puncher or binding machine and put the recipes together. The joy of this method is that your recipe cookbook will contain only recipes that you love and enjoy. 

Leave all those cleaners on the store shelf.  Purchase a multi cleaner that cleans more than one or two types of things.  It's not necessary to purchase separate cleaners when one or two cleaners will work just fine.  Also remember that usually a store brand or generic will do the trick at a substantial savings.

Buy in bulk.  When items are on sale and you have coupons, this is the time to stock up on items that you use a lot. Even if you don't need an item immediately, if you use it often, buy it while it's at a discount price and before coupons expire instead of paying regular price for it later.

Make a list.  It's wise to make a list of what you need and what you just want before going to grocery shop.  Be sure to stick to your budget.  And eat before you shop.  It's always way too tempting to purchase much more than you intended if you go shopping while you are hungry.

Shop wisely.  There was a time that going from store to store to shop saved money by getting the savings and sales at various stores.  With today's high price of gas, it's no longer as wise to do so. If you can get all or most of your grocery items in one location or two locations, it's probably wiser to do so and save the gas instead of driving farther and spending more gas just to save a little at another store.

There are many ways to cut the cost of your grocery bill and save money on food. These are just a few ideas.  Better budgeting will help you to save money and live better.  While you might need to adjust your food budget money until you find just the right fit for your needs, you will no doubt enjoy the savings from spending less but getting more.