Health Care Reform?…Revolution.

Truly?…Truly?…Is there 'really' a debate about health care reform? Health care reform is a joke! It's a fucking watered-down hypocrisy influenced by the big money of insurance and pharmaceutical companies' lobbys. End of statement…end of debate. Don't believe me? Look up the contributions and tell me I'm wrong. The fires of discension stoked by the ignorant 'tea parties' conflagration has only fed into the big hands of these conglomerate money grubbers. The tea party ignorance has only given these jackals of corporate greed the impetus to devour your paycheck. Get it? Devour your paycheck!!! Stay with me if you have any self-worth.

The only ones that will make a profit from health care reform in its current state are these multi-conglomerates. WAKE THE FUCK UP AMERICA!!! Stop bending over!!! Stop exposing an obvious hole in your backside for these money-leachers…these war profiteers (yes, they are tied to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars…think about after-war care)…these leaches on our society sucking the blood from us to no end…to no good, for our healthy being. Is that what you want? Is that the health care reform you desire? Ask the brave protecting us and returning in need in the next 10 years how they feel about their health care and if it is really a reform. With health care reform in its current and hollow promise for all, our society of fallen heroes and fallen by the way side citizens will suffer indignity and unknowable shame in their lives and for generations of lives to come. Is this what our America has become? Is this what we have inherited for all time? Shame on you, the legislators of compromise to the greed of corporate madness.

WAKE THE FUCK UP!!! Are you that brain-dead that you don't realize the Dems have no spine to take power and impose the will of the people that elected them? You act as if you are partying at a strip club, throwing money at gyrating, unobtainable glamor on the dance floor. Screw the Republican nerds! They are trying to dupe you into thinking that the glamor doesn't even exist. It does! But you don't have to overspend. Medicare(glamor) is already here and is the ideal plan to be followed for health care reform and is, by the way,the plan your representatives and senators have. Think…think…think…you can do that, right?

Consider this. If…If…George W. Bush (unabashedly the worst in our history of leaders) would not have put us in a war that was unnecessary…in a part of the world where we are not wanted…we would have $1 TRILLION dollars to our PLUS SIDE!!!…LET ME REPEAT…$1 TRILLION dollars to spend not only on HEALTH CARE REFORM the right way, but also, the money to put us back on firm and growing economic stability. Millions upon millions of out of work Americans would welcome this reversal of fortune(although fortune is hardly appropriate in these times for what once was middle-American…I fear it is thing of the past). Jobs gone and no longer coming back is an irreparable damage that will never be understood or forgiven.

These are concerns of the masses. Cogent dissent of a populace fed up with the inaction of the DC status quo. You are our elected officials and supposedly our voice. A mime has more force simply by insistence. A shame and a pox on you and your promise of "Yes we can…change" to abbreviate your past hyperbole. Yes, hyperbole, for it rings very shallow and without resonance of meaning now.

When will it begin? When can I count on your promises? When will I know you have earned my trust? When will the nightmare of war that the Republican war-mongers started end and when will you send our brave home to heal and put us on the path of peace and prosperity begin? Are these questions too hard to answer or are you like every politician…beholding to others in a lobby who mean nothing to me and average Joe?

Either answer these questions of most concern to most of us Americans or flee to the corporate lobbies of influence and money that most of your peers ascribe allegiance to. That is a sin against our democracy and one never to be forgiven in the polling place. It is also a reversal of your stated 'change' and 'yes we can' promise in your life-altering election to represent those who believed in you. You have the power to make a substantive 'change' to lives for the better. "Isn't it time you did just that"?