Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do any of your products effect ANY drug tests at all?

A. NO! Our products are 100% legal and therefore will not effect ANY type of drug tests, at all, worldwide. They are legal herbs, and are not tested for.

Q: How long will it take to receive my order?

A: If you chose “RUSH ORDER” your order will leave our warehouse within 24 hrs. If you didn’t your order will ship within 2 business days (usually 48 hrs) Allow 2-4 business days for delivery in the USA for a rush order, 3-6 for a non rush, 7-14 Worldwide. If you are in a hurry to get your order, please choose the “rush” option. For only $3.69, it is well worth it.

Q: Do you ship to Australia? – Or Countries other than the USA?

A: YES – We ship worldwide, daily.

Q: Are your herbs legal in my country?

A: We have shipped our legal herbal products worldwide for years. We have never encountered one single problem!

Sorry, We do NOT ship SALVIA incense or Salvia incense Extract outside USA.

Q: What will name show on my credit card? Will it say Herbal Smoke Shop?

A: Your privacy is our top concern! The charge will be from Global Life Enhancements, Inc. 100% Discreet, as is the shipping, which simply comes from our PO Box.

Q: Will the package have Herbal Smoke Shop on it or the website address?

A: Your unmarked package will be very discreet and simply come to you from Global Life Enhancements, Inc., and have our PO Box # as the return address.

Q: I have been ripped off before on the internet! I’ve ordered from other herbal web sites and have waited weeks for my order, or have not received it at all or it took over a month to receive! Is herbal smoke shop like this at all?

A: Before you judge us, give us a chance. We were here before all the copy cat shops, and will be here for you forever. In a business where copy cat companies are frequently stealing our pictures, product names, etc. we know you have to be careful where you shop. Global Life Enhancements, Inc. ships many packages worldwide each month for a reason. Our customer database is gains more repeat customers each day, which speaks for itself! We strive to renew your faith in herbal dietary supplement shops. We ship as fast as humanly possible, guaranteed. We are the biggest herbal smoke shop in the world and are proud to offer the largest selection of herbal dietary supplements products. We take pride in our business, no matter how big we get. It’s something we believe in. We will always have the same rocket-fast email support and delivery times! We strive to exceed your highest expectations and keep you coming back, like the rest of our returning customers! We have met our goal! Each day, we gain more and more REPEAT customers, so our business is forever growing. We are more than the best in the business, we are the ORIGINAL Herbal Smoke Shop!

Q: Do the products really work??

A: We DO NOT sell products that DO NOT WORK, bottom line. If a product gets bad customer reviews, it is yanked from our warehouse shelves and thrown in the trash, banished from Herbal Smoke Shop forever! All of our products which we currently feature have been sold to many customers worldwide!

As you can see from our customer emails section, people love our products, which is why a big part of our business is REPEAT customers! We pride ourselves on supplying many satisfied repeat customers with the best legal herbal products in the business! You can count on us to be here for you forever!

Q: Are all of your products legal?

A: The herbs that are used to manufacture the products are 100% legal in The United States, and most other parts of the free world. We promise that you will NEVER find ANY ILLEGAL product ON THIS WEBSITE! We ship worldwide daily, and have never had any problems with delivery to any address.

Q: Are they harmful?

A: As long as they are enjoyed responsibly, (following directions on bottles where applicable) and in moderation there is no harm. However, be sure to avoid taking any while on medication without first consulting your doctor. Any product that is inhaled may produce tar and thus poses a health risk if used for prolonged periods of time. please review our disclaimer for info regarding the usage of our products. Herbal Smoke Shop is not responsible for the abuse of any product.

Q: Will they show up on a drug test?

A: No, None of our products will effect ANY DRUG TEST! these ARE NOT illegal products! -The products are made with 100% legal and natural herbs. So use them as much as you want.

Q: What is the best?

A: You have to answer that yourself, read the description, try some, and see what you like. At Herbal Smoke Shop, we put THE CUSTOMERS FAVORITE PRODUCTS above all the other products for that particular category. We have ranked them and only include our customers FAVORITE products in our combos. Your best bet, is to go with a combo deal. It is the best way to check out some of the best buds, herbal smoke, and save money at the same time, with combo deal pricing. We highly recommend Wild Greens, Hawaiian Gold and Blueberry Herbal Hybrid Combo.

Click here for Combos

Q: Can I pay by Cash or money order?

A:Yes- You sure can! Click Here for a Mail Order Form

If you do not have a printer, Include a note with your name/address and what you are ordering. If you require further order assistance, please CLICK HERE.

Primary methods of payment include: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover/Novus. Debit cards are fine, as long as they show the visa or mastercard logo.

Q: What is the closest thing you have to marijuana?

A: We are not selling you something as “fake marijuana” we carry legal exotic herbal products, and take pride in them, not what they are supposed to be or look like. We do not advocate ANY illegal drug use, nor are we selling “drug alternatives”.

Our products are wonderful for their own qualities, not qualities of something else which they “mimic”. Please read our customers product descriptions. We are proud of the outstanding variety of legal natural herbal smokes we offer. Many satisfied repeat customers enjoy a different natural herbal smoke every month, each with it’s own flavor, smoke, effects, feel, and look.

Click here to view some of our customer favorite combos.

Q: Whats the closest thing to Ecstasy (MDMA)?

A: We are not selling you something to be “just like” a street drug. These are legal herbal products which have their own unique and wonderful qualities. The Herbal Pills section has many items to choose from.

Q: Can I Mix My Herbal Smoke Together?

A: Yes! Many, Many Customers email us with great success stories of achieving the greats desired results from mixing different natural herbal smoke! There is definitely an underlying synergy when mixing certain herbal smokes, creating a wonderful smoke, full of different herbal experiences and results. While some people RAVE about Hawaiian Gold Bud mixed with herbal honey blonde solid concentrate, Other repeat customers consistently purchase Hawaiian Gold Buds and kanzak as a great custom combo. There are many satisfied repeat customers who make their own formulas and achieve desired smoke.

Q: I have seen many smaller companies copying, even using similar product names, did you at know about this?

A: Being #1 comes with many good points, but also some bad. Every week, lawyers send on average over a DOZEN cease and desist orders to copy-cat competitors who have stolen our logos, product names, pictures, purchased very similar website addresses, etc in hopes of fooling innocent customers, who think they are buying genuine products. Copy cat companies are usually easily seen by their “black market” appearance, very similar product names (sometimes spelled so close they are still prosecuted by us for trademark infringement) and claiming to be “the best around”. There is a reason herbalsmokeshop is 100 times the size of the competition, we ARE the original herbal smoke shop. Herbal smoke products are so Popular and well known, BECAUSE OF US. As you probably already know, since every legitmate legal bud link online, POINTS to herbalsmokeshop! Please, make sure, when you make your purchase, you are shopping with us, not a “crap in a bag” copycat company, with a black market website. We have heard many, many horror stories of customers wasting their money with NUMEROUS copy cat companies and receiving total GARBAGE for their hard earned money! Many of these companies have purchased SIMILAR website addresses and use SIMILAR NAMES, so just remember, if it is NOT herbal smoke shop, when you receive your order, you will know. Our products all carry our trademarked logo, and address. Our products are FRESH, POTENT, ship direct from our top of the line, FDA inspected FACILITY and arrive in just days, not WEEKS like copy cat MOM and POP companies who spend their marketing time copying from us. The good news is, they can not carry our product, since we DO NOT WHOLESALE to anyone, no matter what!

Q: Who invented “Herbal Smoke”?

A: Smoking herbs for ritual practices, relaxtion, stimulation, meditation, etc. traces back to the begining of time, and stretches across the globe. To answer the question, “who invented the term, herbal smoke?” is simple. Us. Since 1998, we have been a pioneer in herbal smoking products, including the best legal buds, and herbal smoking blends in the world. The term “herbal smoke” was 1st used in business by in 1998. While many people make “fake pot” Our goal from the begining was to bring the public, worldwide, synergistic combinations of herbal buds, and blends, which satisfy the mind, body, and spirit.

Q: Do you offer a price match guarantee?

A: No. Since our products are not sold ANYWHERE but from our websites, there is no such thing as a price match guarantee. The prices of our products are the absolute lowest prices in the world for these specific products. We do not wholesale our products anywhere, ever. Many companies can match a price and ship you “crap in a bag” but rest assured, you will NOT be getting anywhere NEAR the high quality, effective product, you will from us. We have received many sad story emails about customers who tried to get a “similar product” and save a buck at the same time, from a copy cat competitor. The end result is always the same, a waste of money. Our products COST US double or even triple the cost of our competitors products. Our herbs are fresh, potent, and very unique. None of our top 10 selling herbal buds, smoking blends, and herbal solids are sold anywhere, in the world, but here. Purchasing from us guarantee’s you the best herbal bud and herbal smokes in the world.