Foods From Around the World #2 : The Worlds Most Interesting Cultural Food #2

Foods From Around the World: The Worlds Most Interesting Cultural Food #2

In the following article you will learn about foods from around the world that are unique to people’s culture. You will be amazed and interested at what you see and your point of view on foods will be opened up forever.   

1)      Jellied Eels

      A jellied eel is a meal often served in London and in parts of

Italy. The image above is a picture of prepared jellied eels. It is prepared by cooking eels for around a half an hour and letting them cool. This allows all of the juices to turn into a jellied like substance. The jelly is described as an uncooked egg yoke. This dish is often served with pie and mash. Jellied eels have also been part of London’s culture and is a very filling meal.     


2)      Surströmming

            Surströmming is a type of herring that is caught in the spring when this fish is just about to spawn. The fish are put into metal barrels, where they are fermented for 1-3 months. Later the herring is put in individual tin, like the one above, where the fermentation is continued for about six months. When done fermenting the fish are taken out of the barrels and put into cans where they are sent around the world. There are many countries that eat the herring usually on special occasions like Christmas Eve. I have had this herring before and it has an absolutely delicious flavor. 

3)      Frog Legs

            Frog legs, like the ones above, are cultural food for the French, Chinese, Caribbean, and Southern United States. Frog legs are a great source of protein and are also inexpensive. The legs contain meat, bone, muscle, and tendon and are very filling. Frog legs are said to taste like chicken with a rubbery texture and can be prepared in so many different ways. They can be breaded, boiled, fried, grilled, smoked, and put into soups. In America frog legs are even served in some restaurants.

4)      Fried Spider

            Fried spider is a very popular meal and food source with the natives in Cambodia. They are considered an everyday snack, and they are eaten like potato chips. Usually a species of spider known as the tarantula is fried up and eaten. The tarantula is known for their crunchy and chewy texture along with their great flavor. The spiders are cooked by natives with sugar, salt, and garlic. They are then fried over a fire, and cooled. The picture above shows a Cambodian native with a fresh plate of fried spiders. In the image above you can see a picture of a native woman who is dining on freshly made fried spiders. These spiders are very unique and large pats of their culture.