Do You Want To Try Kratom?

If you really want to experience Kratom, I have learned the following things from thinking about it and burning it as incense; not, of course, from experience and experimentation. If you’ve already been screwed with some 15x extract, I’m sure it will still be “good”, usable Kratom. For your first time, start low.

Two teaspoons or so would be enough, as more would likely make you feel like crap (and be a waste to boot). Heat some water well in the microwave. You might even boil it, but it takes a long time for boiled water to be drinkable. I haven’t noticed a difference between the two. Then, into a glass bottle with a cover (Sobe bottles work well) pour the desired dosage of Kratom. Fill it 2/3 full with hot water, and shake it for as long as you can stand to for the next half hour. Use a towel if the bottle is too hot, and crack open the cover once in a while to relieve pressure. Be careful it doesn’t slip out of your hands when shaking. Good advice on many fronts.

Now, this is the great thing about finely powdered Kratom. The traditional tea takes forever to make, but having powdered Kratom speeds up the process. Can you just dump some in a bottle of soda or water like the ethno-venders say? Maybe, but… you can waste your supply trying, because this method really works well for me. I absolutely love Kratom and wish you well on your adventure, but one last thing: be careful. Dosing like this is not child’s play. Kratom is undeniably addictive, and the more often you use it, the more you will have to take to get the same effects. Even taking the drug weekly is pushing your luck as it has a way of sneaking into the rest of the week if you aren’t careful. A monthly indulgence is your safest bet.