Do Herbs Really Help in the Fight Against Alzheimer's?

If you have had someone in your family diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease then you probably would want to try anything possible to help them or stop the advancement of the disease. Over the past several years doctors and scientists have been working hard to try and find some type of cure for this horrible disease. They have been able to come up with various treatments that they feel can help slow the process.

According to studies that have been done some herbs, or herbal supplements have proved to help slow down the affects of this horrible disease. Of course no one feels that it is a cure, but their are many who feel that it is a step in the right direction. You have probably heard of some supplements such as Ginkgo Bilboa, Omega 3, and a few others. There are still a lot of doctors who just don’t feel like these supplements have any real affect. Of course some of them have proved to help some when it comes to a person’s memory, when the Alzheimer’s disease begins to run its course.

The sad part is that many of these doctors try to give a patient these supplements with the idea that it may actually slow it down, and there are researchers who say that some supplements just don’t do this and it is wrong to give your patients false hope, especially when it comes to a disease like this one. What many researchers and doctors are trying to focus on is a way to stop the patient from experiencing any type of dementia, or at least being able to slow down the process. If someone you love in your family or if they are a friend has been diagnosed with this disease there is nothing wrong with taking the supplements, since most of them are natural, and your body may need them. You should however try not to get your hopes up or theirs that this product may actually work.

The bottom line is that the doctors really don’t know. They know that some of these supplements have has some very positive results but they still have found that the affects do not last very long, and once the dementia sets in there seems to be no way to completely stop it or reverse it. This of course does not mean that you should in anyway give up hope that their may one day be sometime of cure, and you never know it may come in the form of an herb, or some other very natural ingredient.