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How to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half and Save Money on the Cost of Food

The cost of food is rising everyday. Saving money on groceries has become more than a luxury, it's become a must. The following tips can help families save money on the grocery bill.

Use coupons.  The Sunday paper usually has a lot of coupon inserts for popular name brand items.  You can also look online and find printable coupons.  Some of the printable ones can be printed twice, so take advantage of that.  Using coupons when an item is on sale sweetens the deal and the money you save. Sometimes you get the item for free in this manner.

Cut your caffeine in half. Whether you drink coffee or soda, cutting your caffeine consumption in half can greatly reduce the money you spend at the grocery store.  Also look for sales on your favorite beverages with caffeine and stock up while the item is on sale. 

Use less meat in …

Foods From Around the World #2 : The Worlds Most Interesting Cultural Food #2

Foods From Around the World: The Worlds Most Interesting Cultural Food #2

In the following article you will learn about foods from around the world that are unique to people’s culture. You will be amazed and interested at what you see and your point of view on foods will be opened up forever.   

1)      Jellied Eels

      A jellied eel is a meal often served in London and in parts of

Italy. The image above is a picture of prepared jellied eels. It is prepared by cooking eels for around a half an hour and letting them cool. This allows all of the juices to turn into a jellied like substance. The jelly is described as an uncooked egg yoke. This dish is often served with pie and mash. Jellied eels have also been part of London’s culture and is a very filling meal.   …