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Jamaican Coffees

Sadly, the Caribbean region lies in the heart of the hurricane belt, putting it at risk to wholesale crop devastation. That is exactly what happened in the exceptionally nasty 2004 season. Four storms in rapid succession–Charley, Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne–tore through the islands and Florida, making good on the notion of a worst-case scenario.

Jamaican Blue Mountain, one of the most superb coffees of a region already rich in splendid beans, suffered badly. Approximately 60 percent of the Jamaican crop was destroyed during the course of these storms. Fortunately, the upcoming season should bring this spectacular coffee back into full circulation.

Like other coffees in Central America and the Caribbean, Jamaican Blue Mountain is an Arabica bean. Called by many the world's most perfectly balanced mix of acidity, body, and flavor, the coffee is smooth and delightful. It grows amidst the island's majestic string of hills at between about 2,000 …

Saving Funds While Shopping Is The New Era Style Of Spending

Even those with too much of surplus of funds would be going into the markets and check out for the best deals in terms of the cutting of the costs and the offers to ensure that they are able to purchase more and enable the economic flow in a positive manner. They would have to ensure that they are able to check out the various wholesale outlets, which could be the physical distributors or the digital outlets, which are present in the form of the portals and have become the pool of the various offers and the valid inputs that would enable them to make the best choices while shopping.

Increase efficiency:

While the costs of the goods could be different when the persons tend to buy them from the factories, the wholesalers or the retailers, the qualities and the features that are added to these products tend to be …

Constitutional Rights at Work-Tax Protestors and the Tea Party

April 15 was tax day, and disliked by numerous citizens across the country. This year numerous small towns as well as major metropolitan areas prepared for a larger turnout of protests. " The Tea Party movement grows with each passing day, as President Obama and Congressional Democrats refuse to listen to the America people," RNC Director of Media Affairs LeRoy Coleman stated. So is this a protest against taxes or an expression of Constitutional rights to assemble and state grievances about all policies?

Tea Party Movement Growing

In the 60’s baby boomers protested the war daily. Graphic pictures and footage were on the front page of every newspaper and TV channel. Today we see a minute clip followed by flippant comments about angry protesters, and the need for enhanced police protection both federal and local. Why does the media not cover this protest with any depth? Costs to the community …

Household Uses for Herbs and Spices

Herbs and spices can serve many purposes around the house besides cooking and remedies. They can be great for natural cleaning solutions, warding off summer time bugs, freshen linens, give your home a fresh clean scent with chemical air fresheners, and in many other ways.

Does your garbage disposal smell funny?
Drop a few lemon, lime, or orange peels down there and turn it on. Your kitchen will fill with a fresh citrus scent. You can also sprinkle lavender blossoms in there; about 2 tablespoons should do it. A good way to keep your disposal clean is to regularly (about 1-2 times a week) pour lemon juice or vinegar and a small amount of baking soda down there. It will clean up some of the deposits while it foams and help keep bacteria and fungus from growing in there.

Does your garbage can have a slight odor in the …

How to Store and Use Fresh Herbs in Cooking: A Guide to Adding Creative Flavour and Colour to Meals

Herbs are versatile and make a huge difference when used in dishes. Many chefs resort to using the dried variety of herbs which are commonly available of all supermarkets. However it is very easy to grow herbs at home, either in a herb garden or a window-box.

Top Tips for Growing Herbs

  1. After a season of growth, herbs can be transplanted outdoors.
  2. Mint and tarragon are best planted in their own individual pots otherwise the roots quickly take over the whole container.
  3. Placing a bowl of water near the herbs will keep the air humid, therefore promoting growth.
  4. Keep herbs neat and tidy. The more they are trimmed, the more vigorously they grow.
  5. Take leaves from the outside of the plants so that new shoots appear from the centre and stops plants from become straggly.

Ways to Use Herbs

Using herbs to liven up a meal will bring a taste …

23 Health Gift Ideas

 Are you looking for a gift that can impact your friends and family? Gifts that can contribute to your loved one's health can make a difference in their lives. Here are some suggestions.  

  1. Health Master Blender or Vita Mix Blender- great for making smoothies, soups, fruit and vegetable juices, no mess or hassle. Just add your fruits and vegetable and blends up in a juice. It's more than a blender. Check out health master blender at and Vita Mix Blender at 
  2. A Juicer- great gift to juice fruits and vegetables, stay in shape and prevent disease.
  3. Vegetable Steamer- steams vegetables in minutes
  4. Smoothie Maker
  5. Health Store Gift Card/Gift certificate
  6. Gift Basket with variety of different products centering on Health- Organic Gift Basket, Gift Basket with Healthy Snacks, Fruit Gift Basket, Gift Basket with Exercise Videos, Supplements,
  7. Exercise Videos, either targeting specific area of the body, Step Aerobics

5 Vitamin C Benefits For Healthy Living

There are many Vitamin C benefits which have been rigorously researched and proven. These benefits include Vitamin C's role as an antioxidant, immune system booster, promoter of wound healing, and anti-cancer agent.

Why Vitamin C?

The many Vitamin C benefits have been of major interest both in the scientific world and the everyday community ever since publication of research demonstrating benefits of Vitamin C antioxidant for the common cold. Many people buy vitamin C to protect themselves against illnesses. Contrary to popular belief, however, Vitamin C benefits are not limited to this purpose.  This article discusses 5 Vitamin C benefits for healthy living which you may be surprised to discover.

Vitamin C as an Antioxidant

First, Vitamin C is popularly recognized for its antioxidant benefits.  The vitamin C antioxidant is beneficial in that it travels all over the body and searches for harmful free radicals which would otherwise oxidize and …

Overcoming Anxiety


Once you have successfully implemented a solid anxiety management program, you will be on the path to overcoming anxiety. That’s right, you can actually eliminate, terminate, eradicate, abolish, end the existence of anxiety in your life. Studies indicate that those who regularly meditate experience less anxiety in their lives than those who do not meditate.

Why don’t more people incorporate some form of meditation in their life? A number of people believe that you have to adopt Buddhism or Hinduism or some other religion if you decide to meditate. While meditation can foster spiritual and personal growth, it is not a lure into a religion. It is an activity that will make you happier and healthier.

Overcoming Anxiety Takes Time

Don’t expect all your anxiety to leave you and never come back immediately after you incorporate these healthy habits into your life. However, once you start consistently exercising and …

Marketing dental fillings to your patients

If you got 100 people from off the street and asked them individually ‘what is a tooth restoration?’, how many of them do you think would know the answer? Ninety? Maybe seventy five? We would estimate that it is probably much closer to ten than you would think, and that’s because there is very little understanding outside of the dental office about half of what goes on there! We simply aren’t telling our patients what we are doing enough, and when we do, it always seems to be in an overly complicated way that surely isn’t necessary. That is why so few patients take up the opportunity to improve their dental health, like asking for a tooth restoration – because they have absolutely no idea what it actually is!

That is why if you are going to market about San Diego tooth restorations, you need to start putting in some …

Economic Crisis: Seven Ways To Reduce Your Stress And Relieve Anxiety

Are you watching your 401K shrink monthly, weekly, daily…dealing with job cuts, pay cuts, rising expenses and general depression regarding the state of the economy? Some things you have control over, but money troubles are notorious for wreaking personal havoc, in the wallet and in the brain. Stress and anxiety creep in and erode feelings of well-being. Tempers flair, smiles are hard to come by. But it is important to maintain a sense of equilibrium, and there are ways to combat the doldrums and implement a little pick-me-up. Try one or more of the following tension-busters:

  1. Get a bit of exercise. Leave your desk and take a walk. Shoot some hoops after work, ride your bike. Choose the hour and do something, anything pleasing, to get your body moving. Take a restorative yoga class. Bring your gym bag to work. The benefits of moderate exercise are well-known. The release of