5 Vitamin C Benefits For Healthy Living

There are many Vitamin C benefits which have been rigorously researched and proven. These benefits include Vitamin C's role as an antioxidant, immune system booster, promoter of wound healing, and anti-cancer agent.

Why Vitamin C?

The many Vitamin C benefits have been of major interest both in the scientific world and the everyday community ever since publication of research demonstrating benefits of Vitamin C antioxidant for the common cold. Many people buy vitamin C to protect themselves against illnesses. Contrary to popular belief, however, Vitamin C benefits are not limited to this purpose.  This article discusses 5 Vitamin C benefits for healthy living which you may be surprised to discover.

Vitamin C as an Antioxidant

First, Vitamin C is popularly recognized for its antioxidant benefits.  The vitamin C antioxidant is beneficial in that it travels all over the body and searches for harmful free radicals which would otherwise oxidize and damage human tissue by altering our normal DNA structure.  Vitamin C is also an important immune system booster.  Vitamin C enhances the production of white blood cells, which defend our body against infection and foreign antigens.  Vitamin C is also helpful in protecting our body against viruses by increasing production of interferon and antibodies.

Vitamin C's Role in Wound Healing

Aside from these popular Vitamin C antioxidant benefits which already may be reason enough to buy Vitamin C, Vitamin C benefits also include its role in wound healing.  Wound healing is dependent on the production of collagen, which necessitates Vitamin C.  Therefore, proper production of collagen can speed up wound healing. Not only that, but it also maintains normal skin and epithelial function.  Fourth, you may be surprised to know that Vitamin C antioxidant not only helps protect the body against infection, but it also protects the body against atherosclerosis.  It does this by protecting susceptible blood vessels from damage and lipid buildup through its antioxidant effects.

Vitamin C as Anti-Cancer Agent

Lastly, research has given us yet another reason to buy Vitamin C.  This is because Vitamin C benefits extend to fighting cancer.  By protecting the cell from free radicals and altered DNA structure, it decreases the mistakes made during DNA copying, which is an important source of mutagenesis.  Not only that, but Vitamin C also fights mutagens by stimulating liver enzymes to clear these harmful substances from the body and detoxify the system.  In sum, Vitamin C benefits are vast and varied, ranging from immune system enhancement, to proper wound healing, and cancer prevention.