23 Health Gift Ideas

 Are you looking for a gift that can impact your friends and family? Gifts that can contribute to your loved one's health can make a difference in their lives. Here are some suggestions.  

  1. Health Master Blender or Vita Mix Blender- great for making smoothies, soups, fruit and vegetable juices, no mess or hassle. Just add your fruits and vegetable and blends up in a juice. It's more than a blender. Check out health master blender at www.myhealthmaster.com and Vita Mix Blender at www.vita-mix.com. 
  2. A Juicer- great gift to juice fruits and vegetables, stay in shape and prevent disease.
  3. Vegetable Steamer- steams vegetables in minutes
  4. Smoothie Maker
  5. Health Store Gift Card/Gift certificate
  6. Gift Basket with variety of different products centering on Health- Organic Gift Basket, Gift Basket with Healthy Snacks, Fruit Gift Basket, Gift Basket with Exercise Videos, Supplements,
  7. Exercise Videos, either targeting specific area of the body, Step Aerobics Video and just Aerobics Video and with the video you can add two dumbells.
  8. Paid Gym Membership or Fitness Club, either 3 months or a full year.
  9. Exercise Mat and Stretch Exercise Band
  10. Aerobics Step
  11. Subscription of a full year of health Magazine featuring exercise, fitness and healthy eating.
  12. Cookbook with healthy easy Recipes and the Maker's Diet or Perfect Weight by Jordin Rubin
  13. Exercise Equipment- Yukon Fitness, Treadmill
  14. Lifeline Deluxe Portable Gym
  15. Whole Foods Supermarket Gift Card or Trader Joes Gift Card or supermarket that sells organic foods
  16. Pedometer
  17. Vitamins and Mineral Rich Drink at www.makinghealthychoices.com
  18. Pay for Personal Trainer or Weight Loss Programs (Curves, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers)
  19. Herbal Teas and dried herbs.
  20. Workout Clothes
  21. Gym Bag and Water Bottle
  22. Heatable Spa Wraps
  23. Electronic Handheld Massager