Do You Want To Try Kratom?

If you really want to experience Kratom, I have learned the following things from thinking about it and burning it as incense; not, of course, from experience and experimentation. If you’ve already been screwed with some 15x extract, I’m sure it will still be “good”, usable Kratom. For your first time, start low.

Two teaspoons or so would be enough, as more would likely make you feel like crap (and be a waste to boot). Heat some water well in the microwave. You might even boil it, but it takes a long time for boiled water to be drinkable. I haven’t noticed a difference between the two. Then, into a glass bottle with a cover (Sobe bottles work well) pour the desired dosage of Kratom. Fill it 2/3 full with hot water, and shake it for as long as you can stand to for the next half hour. Use a …

Exploring Chinese Tea Culture – The Gongfu Tea Ceremony

The Gongfu tea ceremony is China’s take on ritualized tea drinking. Rather than a strict procedure with symbolic and aesthetic connotations like the Japanese tea ceremony, the goal of the Gongfu tea ceremony is to present a finely crafted cup of tea. The ceremony relies mainly on the knowledge and expertise of the tea brewer, but proper teaware and quality tea also play a major role in the tea drinking experience.

The term “gongfu” is a variant spelling of “kung fu”. Although the contemporary understanding of kung-fu refers to Chinese martial arts, its original meaning refers to any skill that learned through practice and training. In this case, “gongfu” refers to the skillful preparation of tea. The ritual is also called the Fujian tea ceremony, the Chinese tea ceremony, and Gongfu Cha.

Chinese Teapots and Teacups

Proper teaware is as important to the experience of drinking tea as the tea …

Make Herb Vinegar Using Fresh Herbs from Your Garden

Herb infused vinegars are easy to make, no chopping, cooking or tricky techniques needed. All that's needed to make herb vinegar are:
* Fresh herbs from your garden (or farmer's market)
* Vinegar (red wine, white wine, rice wine and/or Champagne)
* Glass jars with cork lids (any non-metallic lid will work)
* Sauce pan, strainer and coffee filter
**To make herb vinegar, you'll need one cup of fresh herbs for every two cups of vinegar. This is the basic herb vinegar recipe which can easily be adjusted to include a combination of herbs, garlic cloves, peppercorns and other seasoning.

Gather Fresh Herbs in Morning

Gather herbs from the garden in the morning, just after the dew dries but before the sun hits them, when they are at their peak of flavor. Rinse herbs under cool water, pat dry with kitchen towel then crumple herbs to release maximum flavor.


Using Ginseng for a healthy future


Ginseng is a herb used by the Chinese culture since thousands of years and has many healing properties. The name Ginseng is derived from the Greek language which means all cure and wonder of the world. The 2 common Ginseng herbs that can be found in the market are Panax Ginseng and Panax quinquefolius and both these types of Ginseng have similar healing properties.

The only difference between these 2 types of Ginseng herbs is that Panax quinquefolius also known as American Ginseng is renowned for its cooling properties which help in healing fever and respiratory track disorders, on the other hand Panax Ginseng also known as Asian Ginseng has heating properties and can improve circulation in the body. Studies indicate that people who consume Asian Ginseng for a period of 4 months build a resistance to the cold virus and do not contract cold as frequently as compared …

Six Herbs You Should Consider Adding to Your Medicinal Herb Garden

I am enjoying this spring weather, and have been busy planning my garden for the upcoming season. One of the areas that I have really been focusing on is my herb garden. Did you know that herbs can be grown for more than just spicing up your food, they can also be used for medicinal purposes? Here are six herbs that you might want to consider adding to your herb garden for medicinal use.

Aloe Vera

One of the most popular plants that is grown for medicinal purposes is the Aloe Vera Plant. Aloe Vera has antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory compounds that help make it perfect for use when it comes to wound healing. Simply break off one of the Aloe Vera plant's stems and rub the gel found inside directly onto your wound, burn, or sunburn to take advantage of its natural healing properties.


Well known for …

Christine O'Donnell's Defeat a Lesson for Palin and the Tea Party

Christine O’Donnell believed until the bitter end of election night, November 2, 2010 that her candidacy would result in victory. Voters in Delaware, however, “refudiated” Sarah Palin’s protégé by electing Democrat Christopher Coons to the seat once held by Vice President Joe Biden. Coons defeated O’Donnell by 65 percent of the vote. Republican Mike Castle had led Coons by fifteen percent prior the September 14, 2010 primary election, but last minute support for O’Donnell via Tea Party cash and Palin’s endorsement gave her the primary victory.

How O’Donnell’s Loss May Affect the U.S. Senate Composition

The GOP needed ten seats to gain control of the upper chamber. Although final results in Alaska and Washington may not be known for several days, in Delaware, Mike Castle would most likely have claimed the senate seat for the Republicans. O’Donnell’s support from the Tea Party and Sarah Palin might have played a role …

Use Herbs to Attract Birds, Butterflies and Bees

Until last year I never had experienced the joy of seeing a hummingbird in the wild. Now that I have a yard full of herbs in bloom, several of these tiny birds frequently dart back and forth, from bee balm to the pineapple sage, salvia, catnip, larkspur and foxglove.

I have a very old, woody sage plant that according to the experts should have been removed from the yard years ago. This year, deep inside the sage tangle, hidden by leaves and blooms, nested a family of sparrows. The selection of the sage bush for a nest proved to be a tragic mistake as the small , featherless creatures disappeared one by one on four consecutive nights…evidence that my garden has other visitors after dark.

Luckier was the killdeer, the inland plover that looks as if it belongs at the seashore, which nested in the perennial bed, where herbs and …

European Politicians Try to Forbid Health

Eurocrats are at it again. Obviously, it has become quite normal to look after your own interests and your own bank account first, and after the interests and health of people and voters only incidentally should it not clash with your own present or promised later income.

Behind the smokescreen of harmonisation within the EU, European Parliament is trying to ban just about everything healthy on the market to the detriment of human beings and in favour of turn-over of pharmaceutical companies. EC Directive 2004/24, the Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive (THMPD), or Thumped in Eurocratese, wanted and still wants to ban all herbal remedies currently on shelves.

Where pharmaceutical companies are unable and incompetent to produce any product containing multiple active compounds, herbal remedies do just that to perfection. Where pharmaceutical companies’ products have many highly detrimental side effects, either on purpose to make further sales or through the …

How To Brew Loose Leaf Tea – Tips For Making Tea

Tea is the beverage of choice for many people around the world. Whether enjoyed simply for pleasure, health or warmth, tea can be experienced and experimented with. Straying from the common tea bag into the world of loose leaf can greatly enhance the flavor and quality of your tea. Brewing loose leaf tea can be rewarding, but what is the best way to create a tasty cup? Is it best to use a teapot, or an infuser?

Infusers, Teapots and Gaiwans

For the best tasting cup of tea, brew your leaves in smaller quantities. Although this is impractical when brewing for a large group of people, making tea in small "batches" creates premium flavor and doesn't give time for the tea to turn bitter. This can be accomplished with either an infuser, a small teapot, or a gaiwan. Traditionally, we associate brewing tea with teapots. However, it may be time …

How to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half and Save Money on the Cost of Food

The cost of food is rising everyday. Saving money on groceries has become more than a luxury, it's become a must. The following tips can help families save money on the grocery bill.

Use coupons.  The Sunday paper usually has a lot of coupon inserts for popular name brand items.  You can also look online and find printable coupons.  Some of the printable ones can be printed twice, so take advantage of that.  Using coupons when an item is on sale sweetens the deal and the money you save. Sometimes you get the item for free in this manner.

Cut your caffeine in half. Whether you drink coffee or soda, cutting your caffeine consumption in half can greatly reduce the money you spend at the grocery store.  Also look for sales on your favorite beverages with caffeine and stock up while the item is on sale. 

Use less meat in …